Just a Few Important Words

Hey Friends!

I am currently completing an undergraduate degree in International Development Studies Co-op at the University of Toronto Scarborough.  This summer, I have been provided with a unique opportunity that has brought me to Pangnirtung, Nunavut as an Engage North Fellow.  This blog will be used as a means of sharing my experiences and sentiments as they unfold over the course of the next four months.  The views expressed on this space are my own, and are not necessarily reflective of the opinions of the members of the community of Pangnirtung, Engage North, nor  their respective affiliates .  Moreover, I do not claim to be a  spokesperson for either Pangnirtung or Engage North.

Now that the formal business has been taken care of, I thought it appropriate to share that I love long walks on the beach, sunsets and double stuffed golden Oreo cookies.  To see my most recent posts, go to the “MENU & WIDGETS” tab (located at the top right hand corner of this page) and select the one that interests you most.




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